All Aboard Year 1 Complete Lesson Kit

Using the power of music to discover the fun of math! The All Aboard Year 1 Complete Lesson Kit will provide you with everything you need to help your students unlock the secrets of math and music in their world. Through this 30 lesson curriculum you will embark on an imaginary train ride filled with story, characters, song, movement, and fun-filled activities that will bring the concepts of math and music to life.

The All Aboard First Year Lesson Kit Includes: Lessons 1-30, the All Aboard Character Cards, audio CDs for each stop (7), corresponding reproducible Copy Masters supplements for each Lesson Book (7), Teacher Activity Cards (approximately 200 cards in all) and a Train Map.


All Aboard Lesson Books

The All Aboard Lesson Books cover 30 lessons and each book includes an overview of the All Aboard philosophy, story lines, lesson plans, teacher tips, supply organizational tools, complete lyrics, glossary of terms, and activity instructions.

All Aboard Copy Master Books

The All Aboard Copy Master Books are designed to be reproducible smiley face manipulative, parent notes, character pages, portfolio pages, and student activity cards. Everything needed to prep print materials for the students is found in this one handy location.

All Aboard CDs

The custom All Aboard music will have your students jammin’, movin’ and shakin’ as they dance their way from stop to stop. Each Lesson Book has its own corresponding CD so you will have all necessary songs easy to access during your lesson.


Teacher Activity Cards

Teacher Activity Cards are perforated card stock manipulatives specially designed for the teacher’s use in guiding the All Aboard lessons.



Student Activity Cards

Don’t have time for the copier? These student manipulatives are pre-made for your convenience! (Packaged in sets of 12. Separate purchase only.)



All Aboard Caboose

The All Aboard Caboose is a suite of carefully selected materials designed around the All Aboard Lesson Kits. This convenient, all-in-one package will allow you to have everything you could ever need to teach this program right at your fingertips!


Number Fun with Ally Dog

This is Ally. She can do all kinds of tricks. How many tricks can Ally do? Can you do these tricks too? As you read through this interactive book, children will enjoy mimicking Ally’s actions. Using the corresponding song (CD included) and activities, children will explore music and math in a way that is engaging. Children are sure to enjoy Number Fun with Ally Dog.


Teacher Training

Want to get the most out of the All Aboard program? Training is tailored to the needs of your school or district and may include initial teacher training as well as follow-up training throughout the year. Contact us to discuss the best training options available. Our mission is to make sure your learning journey is a big success!