Welcome Parents,

All Aboard, the Music and Math Connection exists to help children, ages 3-6, prepare their brains for maximum intellectual success. Through this program your child will develop a love for figuring things out by exploring patterns, developing number sense and musical intuition, and graphing to visually represent the abstract aspects of music. These are the main ingredients of All Aboard. The other ingredient is fun!
As stated by the Math Coordinator for the Norman, OK public schools, Nita Cochran,
“this program is powerful! It uses music and movement to help children realize how much fun it is to find math in their world.”
Finally, there is a great chance for children to grow up thinking it’s really fun to discover the basic principles of math! We also hasten to add that music is not just used to study math. Math is also used to study music! The two are treated as co-equal subjects and are both illuminated by being studied together.
All Aboard, the Music and Math Connection is fun, based on contemporary brain research, created by recognized professionals in both music and math education, and presented in a local preschool or daycare near you.

Where to find us

You, as parents, have the greatest power to bring our program to your child. Click here to enroll your student.
If you do not find your preschool or daycare center listed as offering All Aboard, it’s not too late! Our program is a turn-key program for educational centers. We provide all curriculum materials, ongoing teacher training, local supervision and all financial services to make it easy for your child’s school to offer All Aboard.
FYI, there are two ways All Aboard can be offered at your school. One is to bring the program to every child by making it a part of the regular school curriculum. The other is to offer it as a supplementary after-school program. Either way, the cost is a low monthly tuition plus a small, one-time registration/materials fee.

Description of Classes

Each class is designed to “Use the POWER of MUSIC to Discover the FUN of MATH!”

  • Classes meet for 30 minutes, once per week at your child’s pre-school/daycare center. Each class receives 30 lessons per school year.
  • Summer sessions are also available in the same format and cost.
  • Every TLC (Teacher Local Coordinator) and teacher are All Aboard certified and all have passed standard background checks for educators.
  • Classes are usually a maximum of 10 students to ensure adequate teacher supervision for each child.
  • Activities are designed to stimulate the child’s exploration of concepts through movement, singing, and simple problem solving.
  • Through the two-year curriculum, the children experience learning to play simple parts on their own xylophone, but performance, as such, is not the goal. They are challenged to learn to think, not put “on the spot” to play a piece. In our experience, children love to find out that “It’s music day!” See the comments of teachers, administrators and parents that are familiar with our program. You’ll find that they feel fortunate to have their children involved in All Aboard. See what people are saying!

Have Older Children?

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